I come from a family of carpenters, cabinetmakers and woodworkers both professionals and hobbyists. My great-grandfather went blind due to a genetic condition just as the Great Depression began and eventually retaught himself his trade without the benefit of sight, including the use of power tools. So theoretically, i have some degree of woodworking genes but i failed to nip at my grandfather’s heels in the wood shop as a child. Hack carpentry is a skill i picked up on the road of life, but last winter i began a self-guided journey of woodworking, furniture making, etc. This blog will be about that.

I also enjoy making things grow, and while it’s too late for this blog to document the transformation of my back yard from a literal trash pit to what it is today, this blog is also about that … both ornamental and food production gardening.

This blog is not about politics. I keep that shit on Twitter, home of my cynical rage. There’s a reason it’s called Joy of Lex. It’s about what makes me happy: the mental places that find me centered and content. And, hopefully, a record of me becoming a competent woodworker.


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